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Marimite: Rules of Attraction

Title: Rule of Attraction
Series: Maria-sama ga Miteru
Characters: Sei, Youko
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
Word Count: 100
Summary: Youko looks at her relationship with Sei scientifically.
Challenge: lover100, Table B, Prompt 56: Magnetism

As a girl with Western looks in a school that was dedicated to turning out perfect Japanese ladies, Sei was a poor fit. Youko, the ideal Japanese girl fascinated by Sei, wasn’t much better.

Initially, the two girls had clashed. Sei completely ignored Youko. Youko became obsessed with being as different from Sei as possible.

Even as friends, they were still complete opposites, yet somehow perfectly matched. The Western-looking girl eating the Japanese meal with Darjeeling tea and the Japanese young lady eating a sandwich with matcha were a perfect fit. It was scientific: like repels like, but opposites attract.